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The Tide Turns
M.J. Storm was a force of nature. Strong. Artistic. Caring. And her world was falling apart. Living in the run down racing track, she was desperate to get herself and her foster sister, Squirt, out of the tyrannical Razor’s control and in a better situation. Going to the club to pitch Squirt’s engine to some of the top drivers had seemed like a good idea. It might have been if someone hadn’t decided to kidnap her.

Aquos was dying. The balance Sally had brought to their world hadn’t helped him. His body was giving out and he knew it. When Turbo brought a bruised female to Sanctuary, he was surprised to find his spirit was as strong as ever. Which left him with one question ... why would a woman as beautiful, smart and strong as M.J. ever want a dying Clan Lord?

Two souls, each with their own insecurities, must realize that their true worth lies in the immeasurable power of love.

Trouble continues to stalk the grounds of Sanctuary. A mysterious female haunts their leader’s dreams and the architect continues to develop his plan to end the Clan Lords for eternity. No matter how many problems they face, the Clan Lords have each other, and their brotherhood is enough to conquer any obstacle, because M.J. Storm is a surprise no one is prepared for, and the tides are about to turn for them all.

A Holiday Wedding

The Omega are planning a wedding, the second in just a few months. M.J. is the acknowledged leader of the Weather Clan, and all should be joyous. And yet ... nefarious events are still unfolding. It is true she doesn’t have a dress to wear ... or someone to give her away ... or even any friends to invite, but she loves Aquos with all her heart, so everything should turn out fine. Right?

Who cares that her powers are out of her control and she’s scared if she had a dress she’d set it on fire. Or that the elementals seem to be busy so the food prep is all on Sally’s very pregnant hands. Or that Squirt is disappearing working on some secret project. She loves Aquos and that’s all that should matter. Unfortunately, there’s one more hurdle she isn’t aware of that needs to be cleared before she and Aquos can become one, and it’s going to come from the one person she never expected to have to fight.

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