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A Deadly Game - Modern Romantic Suspense

332 pages5 hours


Tesia is a cop simply doing her duty, when she is grabbed by a psychopath and put into his chamber of horrors. She finds other women there, some barely alive. Using what she has been trained to do she helps them escape but only after suffering from severe abuse. Her trauma is so great she is left unable to speak. Her abuser is arrested but Tesia begins to get threatening phone calls, is stalked and shot at. In the midst of this violent chaos, she finds herself pregnant just before she is required to appear in court against the man who held them captive, playing his deadly games with their lives. It isn't until she sees a strange occurrence during court that she connects the dots between the monster who is on trial and the current threats on her life. Bringing this horror to an end takes her through hell and back, but Tesia is a survivor.

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