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Night Fall

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In NIGHT FALL, New York Times-bestselling author Simon R. Green brings the Secret Histories series to a stunning conclusion.

The Nightside is London’s hidden heart and secret soul, packed full of sin and shadows. It’s a place where it’s always three o’clock in the morning and dawn never comes. John Taylor, once a private eye specializing in lost causes, runs the Nightside—as much as anyone can be said to run a place where anything goes.

For generations, the Drood clan has guarded London from demons, aliens, and secret organizations, but a strict series of pacts and agreements has kept their authority out of the Nightside itself. Something’s changed, though, and the Nightside’s boundaries are expanding—and threatening not just London but all of humanity

Eddie Drood, along with his girlfriend Molly Metcalf, must enter the Nightside, figure out what’s disrupted the delicate balance, and come face-to-face with John Taylor—before the whole universe is turned inside out.

Praise for NIGHT FALL:

“A splendid riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, conveyed with trademark wisecracking humor, and carried out with maximum bloodshed and mayhem. In a word, irresistible.” –Kirkus (Starred)

“Green wraps up the Secret Histories and the Nightside series (and a few more) in a massive kitchen-sink of a battle between the righteous Droods and the lawless Nightside that brings together a host of old characters with a bunch of impossibly deadly weapons, a massive body count, and a healthy sprinkling of humor.” —Locus

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