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Battle Hill Bolero

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For years Carlos Delacruz has followed orders as a half-dead hit man for the New York Council of the Dead. But when the Council shows their true face by partnering with devious necromancer Caitlin Fern, that loyalty goes straight to hell. Now everyone on both sides of the veil is out to see the Council crushed and Carlos and his crew are on the front lines. With the help of half-dead master assassin Sasha, fully-dead weapons specialist Krys, and a team of the living and dead alike Carlos fights to take down his old bosses by any means necessary. The New York Council of the Dead has held the fates of the living and the dead in their icy, lifeless grip for long enough. It’s time for war. Battle Hill Bolero is the third and final volume in New York Times bestselling author Daniel Jose Older's Bone Street Rumba series.

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