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Pisu's Revenge

193 pages2 hours


What happens when a group of obligate carnivores decide to live in a place where no one is allowed to eat anyone? The place is Ailuria, and what happens is that Tefnut, the less than willing DFOA (Dominant Female Over All) gets stuck with the job of keeping the rest of the cats from killing each other. Pisu’s Revenge is a middle grade fantasy, best for ages 8 to 12.

Pisu’s Revenge is a prequel to the series called The Fairy Gifts. The heroine of the series is ten year old Miriam Mermelstein. Much of what happens to her in the first book, Magic Sucks, is a result of the actions of her cat, Tefnut. This book is Tefnut’s story, her life in Ailuria (The Kingdom of the Cats), and why she eventually left Ailuria for the human world. Warning! With very few exceptions, all of the characters are cats.

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