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A New And Different Life

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These five women have been best friends for years. They’re all creative ... well, except for Gabi ... and all single again. Now all living on their own ... mostly happy but sometimes not ... one of them proposes an idea which could see them establish ... A New and Different Life.

Anna is recently widowed and shockingly betrayed. This impels her to shed her old life, and in doing so she discovers her ‘new’ self.
Belle, a talented artist seemingly content with her life, she nonetheless has trouble accepting that she won’t be having grandchildren.
Gabi, the life of the party, has been widowed once, divorced twice, and is now looking for love again ... but this time online.
Evie is busy writing another novel. With her granddaughter moving out soon, she’s unsure whether to move back ‘home’ to Geelong or not.
And me, Liz. I have a heap of money but I’m rather lonely since my husband died, so I think we all should share a house together.

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