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History of the World According to the Druids: Camelon Series, #3

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To save the future of the planet Earth, the Queen of the Universe must know its deep past. So begins History of the World According to the Druids, the second book in author Kim Kacoroski's Camelon series of wildly inventive young adult fantasy novels. History of the World According to the Druids features newlyweds Yuri and Joslin, who are pulled into a lush world of romance and high adventure of intergalactic proportions. Action-packed and tenderhearted, this rollicking romp through the universe is certain to enthrall Earthlings and others who like their romance to shoot straight for the stars.

As the book begins, Yuri and Joslin are on their honeymoon, and have taken their son Gerwyn with them. They've also enlisted the babysitting services of two sea dragons—the golden Sea Dragon queen Elissa and Yuri's dragon Ivan. As Ivan and Elissa entertain Gerwyn with stories of old, the two dragons find there's more than a little fire between them, and a new romance is sparked. As the Queen of the Universe, Joslin must face painful circumstances to bring the planet together. However, in order to regenerate the spirit of the Earth, she first must know its history. When Elissa comes to her aid, Joslin works to help the planet thrive, even while it is under incessant attack and threatened by nuclear destruction. At the same time, young Gerwyn finds a calling of his own as caretaker of a new generation of dragons.

As the romance between Elissa and Ivan deepens, and Joslin's mission becomes all the more perilous, History of the World According to the Druids reveals how they all come together to create an enduring foundation for the regeneration of the planet following the Camelon Armageddon. Can Joslin's new family survive the imminent annihilation? As the stakes rise ever higher, the Queen must fill in the missing pieces of history to ensure the survival of her new family—and the Universe.

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