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The Correction of Folly: What Might Have Been, #1

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Elinor Dashwood has found herself disappointed in love. Not only are the odds of a match between her and Edward Ferrars "insurmountable", there's the little matter of his secret engagement to another young lady.

Colonel Alan Brandon hasn't had an easy time securing a loving partner. His first love was coerced into an unhappy marriage with his elder brother, and Elinor's younger sister Marianne refuses to see past his age.

These two practical people find solace in each other's company, both of them suffering their heartbreak in secret and in silence. Then comes the day when Brandon accepts there is no sense in pining for someone who thinks he's too old for marriage. At the same time, Elinor concludes she will have to let go of her dreams if she is to have any kind of happiness.

Moving on isn't easy for either of them, but Elinor and Brandon soon discover that hope can be found even in difficult times, and often it is the unlikeliest of people with whom one falls in love.

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