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Love Trusts

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Bella is an innocent country girl, living in a small village. She's been invited on her first date and is excitedly preparing for the big moment. This is a big deal in her small town - to be invited out by a handsome man to enjoy tea at the market, in view of the other townsfolk.

Bertie, a shy farmer's son, has finally plucked up the courage to invite beautiful Bella to tea at the Saturday market. He's grown into a strong and handsome man and this is the first time he's ever asked a girl out to tea. Relieved that Bella kindly accepted his invitation, Bertie gets his smart town jacket ready in anticipation of the date.

A day before the tea date, Bella's good friend Jocelyn pops in for a visit and tells Bella some very disturbing news about Bertie. Bella is thrown into a quandary and doesn't know if she should trust her friend of many years, or follow her heart. Who to trust? 

She decides to go with her instincts and follow her heart. Bella goes ahead with her first date and meets with Bertie the following day. She is shocked to find out that Jocelyn's advice seems to have been correct. Now she thinks she should have trusted her friend, not Bertie. Will love win her trust? Is this all some horrible misunderstanding? 

Will her young and innocent heart, full of fresh hope of romance be shattered? Or is there some truth to be discovered.?

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