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Out of Sorts

“The stacks,” Tulip said while I realized a giant tree stood off to one side, laden with different kinds of fruits and that the bottom shelf of the nearest storage tower meant for technical equipment actually held a sword and shield glittering gold. “They’re sorting the wrong items.”

“How very odd.” Seshat touched the nearest stack with a hesitant hand as if whatever was going on might rub off on her. “And you’ve been noticing this throughout the Repository?”

Tulip nodded. “We have,” she said. “For the last week.” Didn’t finish the sentence. Didn’t have to. Because I knew what she was going to say, we all did from the matching worry in their auras.

Since Delilah was born.

Eve has done her best to protect her little sister since Delilah was delivered to her by the foretelling goddess, Destiny. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent the last daughter of Isis is far different from the rest she’s created. And when strange and terrible things begin happening to the realms, Eve has to admit it’s a little too much of a coincidence Delilah seems to be present for all of it. But, is she the harbinger of Armageddon or something even more dangerous?

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