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How can Eve stop a war when it’s all her fault...?

Chaos Rising

Odin’s single blue eye bulged while the storm over my curls burst into life, lighting striking the rough stone beneath my feet. Three stars fell from my neckline, high pitched squealing like the death of fireworks silencing everyone in the throne room.

“ENOUGH.” I hated shouting and only let that one word out at the same volume Odin had used. The mist pooled around me, swirling in angry puddles at my feet while the storm descended further while I dropped my voice to a more conversational level. “I came to talk, Odin. Not to argue. Are you done being rude or should I just go home?”

Oh, Eve, Seth sighed in my head.

Eve’s struggle to prove herself continues while the Pantheons do their best to make her life miserable. But when a mysterious ailment seeps power from the Crosspath, Eve must put aside her worries that her actions might cause further damage in favor of assembling the missing pieces of Chaos before the hub of Creation fails.

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