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Summary Of Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

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Upon diagnosis of his mother Kathy with both Parkinson and Alzheimer's disease, Max Lugavere set out to study the causes as well as ways to prevent and even reverse the two diseases.

Lugavere who was hitherto a media personality had to bid it goodbye so as to focus on medical research. He left his dream job as a reporter and presenter both on TV and online. With good media credentials, Lugavere was able to penetrate far and wide. He soon became one of the leading scientists and experts in the field of medicine around the world.

With determination, he dived in intensively into the discipline - spanning papers. He interviewed several clinicians and researchers. He severally visited the leading research labs as part of his commitment to the mission.

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How diet and lifestyle determine how healthy we are

You will get to know Lugavere top Genius Foods

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And so much more

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