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The Leviticus Club: The Olympus Project, #1

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The Joint Chiefs have a problem. They lost their contract with Silas Knight and the service of their finest weapons, the Knights. To fill that void they created the Olympus Project which allows field surgeons to inject enlisted soldiers, after they die on the operating table, with a modified serum secured from their affiliation with the Liege. If the soldier revived, they were irrevocably changed and if mentally stable, sent to recover with the Olympus Project team. Otherwise, they remained dead.

Less than a percent of a percent recovered.

Those who survived were renamed, their next of kin notified of their death and their life took an entirely new direction. To serve their country in a capacity no human ever had before. On paper, the Olympus Project was set up to combat enemies on foreign shores. But those who knew the personal agendas of several Joint Chiefs understood these mutated men and women were the beginning of a new group of soldiers to combat La Patron's Knights and KnightForce.

Over a century ago, humans were the first lab specimens of the Liege Lords, hundreds died on the table. Some survived the inhumane surgeries with butchers masquerading as Surgeons in unclean conditions. Those who lived were forever altered, no longer just human but mutated with additional strengths or weaknesses.

 As the Liege began capturing full-bloods for experimentation,  humans were utilized less and less becoming slaves to work in the compound. Eventually, many escaped. Because of their differences, many obvious, they were hunted on the Continent and killed on sight. Seeking a better way of life, the remaining 23 fled to the States after the Civil War and hid from their enemies. Afraid of recapture, they used their diverse abilities for work and fought the rugged terrain near the mountains in Wyoming to survive.

They are dying.

Their numbers have dropped to six and they have no idea what to do. During a job they meet La Patron's grandsons in Texas, which led to a meeting with La Patron, through his son and eventually, the great scientist Hawke. Hawke's knowledge of the Liege's experiments could save them, but at what cost? They are at a crossroad and must choose whether to live with the changes presented or continue on their present course.

When these two groups meet, they're beginning to learn one thing, this country is not big enough for both of them. The Olympus Project soldiers believe they are meant to reign as the best fighting machines ever produced and are shocked when they discover there are others, with similar skills and different agendas.

The original survivors of the Liege tests aren't going to play nice and allow the soldiers to destroy or take innocent lives. Despite the hidden agenda of certain members of the Joint Chiefs, before the Olympus Soldiers can take on La Patron's soldiers, they have to eliminate those original survivors of the Liege injections first.

The Leviticus Club is the first book in this new series – The Olympus Project -

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