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The Persistence of Poison: Hollow, #0

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How did Vester, the ambitious, egotistical, vain, self centred schemer who plans the demise of his fellow humans in the first two books in the Hollow series, arrive in Hollow? How did he climb to such heights in the empire's two-timing, merciless political establishment? And how has he lived so long?

The story starts in London in 1715 whose stinking streets are rife with beggars, con-artists, pickpockets and every other type of low-life. A young Vester is building a business in the unsavoury world of witch-finding when Masbic, the alleged witch he's investigating, turns the tables on him. Their conflict takes a twist when a failed magical portal thrusts them into a strange hollow world where they are forced to cooperate in order to survive.

The pair establish themselves in Skarnelm, the empire's capital, where Masbic makes a name for himself as a sorcerer and Vester back-stabs his way into the imperial halls of power.

But being a treacherous political upstart has its price. Making enemies doesn't help either and the ex witch-finder becomes embroiled in a life and death struggle where being the one who doesn't die isn't as straightforward as he'd like.

Neither is being the one who pulls the strings.

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