The Wraeththu Chronicles

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The Wraeththu Chronicles

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (140 ratings)
Length: series


The third volume of Storm’s original Wraeththu trilogy, expanded and updated, with chapter heading illustrations.

This final story in the trilogy is narrated by Cal, one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Wraeththu characters. Down on his luck, and haunted by his questionable past, Cal comes to realise he cannot escape his destiny, and that the har he once loved and believed dead is now ruler of all Wraeththu.

But those who control Pellaz have rivals, and one of these, the strange Opalexian of the Roselane, a race that includes bizarrely 'female' Wraeththu, draws Cal to her domain. She seeks to upset the plans of Thiede, the true ruler behind the throne of Wraeththu.

From the slums of the debased town of Fallsend, across all the fascinating territories of Jaddayoth, where many Wraeththu tribes have sprung up, to the natural stone towers of Shilalama, city of the Roselane, Cal learns much upon his journey - about himself and about his race. His choice is whether to trust Opalexian and her kind or not; she promises a reunion with Pellaz. But if a har has died and been returned to flesh once more, can he still be the person Cal once loved?

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