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Journey of Life: A Collection of Poems of Love and Inspiration

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Journey of Life is a look inside a man, who walked along evils path, but was chosen by God to experience an awareness of righteousness and an awakening of his soul. It chronicles the Angel that He commissioned upon and into this mans heart and spirit, knowing that the goodness within needed to be saved from the abyss of evil. The instrument that God chose was Love. It records the first moment of meeting Gods Angel, and accounts the three years of trials and tribulations, loneliness and fear, happiness and joy, and the eventual recognition of a life long image.

Through poetry, it conveys how love effected change. How an image of a man was transformed to goodness by the persistence, dedication, faith and unwavering love the Angel possessed for him. It reveals the iniquity that was inside him and the hurt that he imposed upon others, including the Angel. It shows how love does prevail, despite the obstacles of life, regardless of the circumstances of negativity, and in spite of actions or events that were intended to destroy that which God intended to provide.

It illustrates the bond between two individuals, where a foundation of love was undeniable and an unexplainable connection was impassioned. It describes how a man became closer to God, appreciated life more than ever before, recognized himself, sought and achieved change, learned integrity, honor, and truth from the whispers of an Angel, , and was rewarded with everlasting love.

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