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Just Deserts

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Just Deserts is a fast paced thriller, packed with suspense and horror to make the skin crawl. It will make you double check all your locks and windows...and under your bed!

The story is set in the seemingly tranquil Clover Street. With its perfectly manicured lawns and beautiful detached houses, Clover Street would appear to be the ideal place to live. However, unlike a four-leaf clover, this street has run out of luck.

The story revolves around the occupants of the four houses in Clover Street and the invisible thread that ties them all together. It asks the question, "How well do you really know your neighbours?"
Susan Hayder is working on her new novel unaware that Alan Clayton, a teenage boy who lives next door, is totally obsessed with her. He watches her surreptitiously, all the time fantasing about being with her. He is quickly losing his grip on reality and his whole world is becoming more and more distorted, a psychosis even his Mother Maeve is not aware of. Maeve believes her life is nothing like a box of chocolates, she knows exactly what she's going to get. All she foresees is a sweet life for herself, her son and her wonderful new husband David Rovin. Susan Hayder's other neighbour, Jack Stevens, is contemplating suicide because of the loss of his beloved wife Marie. She died in a horrific car crash. What makes the pain even more unbearable is that he was talking to her on the phone when she crashed. One minute jack listens as Marie tells him the wonderful news that she's pregnant, next he is listening to her blood curdling screams - and then they are cut off, the horrible incessant tone resounding in his ear. Across the road, in number four Clover Street, Doctor Robert Kilmer has his own demons to contend with. He suspects his wife, Amy, of having an affair. His fears are confirmed through a private detective. She is cheating on him with his best friend and neighbour David Rovin. Robert is left heartbroken but anger takes over as he seeks revenge. He turns to the detective for retribution and a plan is formed to fake the Doctor's death and make it look like Amy and David are to blame.

In the end death visits Clover Street and everyone gets their Just Deserts.

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