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A Shotgun Wedding: The Conflict Between Science and Religion Resolved

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There is a long history of conflict between religion and science in the discussion of the creation of the earth and everything in it. In A Shotgun Wedding, author Philip S. Radcliffe examines this conflict and debunks the fallacy that there is not room for God in science.

A Shotgun Wedding provides insights into the balance of God and science when discussing creation concepts. It reviews the reformed tradition of Christianity that presents an updated view of Christianity and discusses the major areas of the expansion of scientific knowledge. The study also details the three adjustments that must be incorporated in a new reformed theology, focuses on how creation seems to have been designed using the scientific insight of the last fifty years, and shows how the universe is an interactive system designed to bring humanity into a complex environment. It seeks to reconcile science with Christian faith.

Radcliffe demonstrates how science and the continuing quest for knowledge are God-given gifts from a Creator who designed the universe and enables human beings creative efforts to modify some portion of His design. Science, rather than opposing religion, provides mankind with a vehicle to appreciate just how dynamic His creation is and the humans role within it.

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