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Keisha on the Case

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The Johnson family has had to work for many generations to protect certain members from harm, because every once in a while someone is born with magic. For these few the world has proven itself to be a treacherous place, and because of this they are protected and guided in the use of their gifts and taught to hide who and what they were at any cost.

This generation Keisha is the lucky/unlucky winner of this magical gift. On the surface, Keisha Johnson appears to be a rather ordinary 7th grader at Jefferson Jr. High School. She spends her days babysitting, studying martial arts and hanging out with friends. In a moment of inattention someone finds out the family secret, and now to keep it quiet, Keisha has no choice but to find and free a classmates parents. In the course of events the city of Oceanside is searched, clues are found and battles fought, but in the end it all comes down to luck and the resolve of one young woman, Keisha Johnson.

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