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The Old Homestead

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Marvelously quirky.

That is how we would describe The Old Homestead. Although a fictional novel any attempt to further pigeon-hole this book would prove a disastrous undertaking.

For example, two of the main characters never utter a single word, yet their presence is strongly felt throughout the pages of this novel. They are New York City and The Old Homestead itself; A landmark restaurant in Manhattan which has been serving food and drink for over 150 years. Nechoda has succeeded in transmuting what would be mere backdrop into living, breathing characters, every bit as real and essential as the main character of Gregg Hoskins, a producer for NBC Radio Monitor.

The Old Homestead is a marvelous read that seamlessly combines elements of humor, drama, and spirituality with a refreshingly imaginative storyline; the ending, of which, will leave you speechless.

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