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Understand Offending: Unveiling Myths; Seeking Sexual Health

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Drawing on her extensive experience in counseling families and individuals with sexual problems, psychologist Margretta Dwyer delivers a timely look at some of the sexual issues facing us today in Understand Offending.

Dwyer believes the emphasis on natural, healthy sexual development is imperative to creating an atmosphere conducive to debunking myths and false teachings on sexuality. Dwyer also focuses on those who commit sexual offences and explores the reasons behind their problems.

This detailed, practical guide explores issues facing children, teenagers, and adults in the often-confusing world of sexual behaviour. With a comprehensive glossary and an easy-to-understand format, Understand Offending unveils the misconceptions surrounding sexual offences and offers a clear path to healing through therapy.

"Readers of Dwyer's book will find a wealth of practical advice regarding the webs of sexual anguish."-Robert T. Francoeur, Ph.D., author, The Continuum Complete International Encyclopaedia of Sexuality

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