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Burnished Pebbles: Poems of Love, Death, and Life

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Dorothy Diemer Hendry (1918?2006) wrote hundreds of poems during her active and productive life as a teacher, administrator, editor, author, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, expert grower of roses. This collection of some of her best poetry shows the range of her interests and the depth of expression and thought that make her one of the most talented poets of her generation. She writes of love, of faith, of nature, of death-even her own. Through all the joy and sorrow of a life well lived, she found not only great depths of compassion and thankfulness for being, but also penetrating insight into the foibles and missteps that plague our nation and world. The poet's voice, Dorothy's voice, speaks in incisive and clear language, and is beautiful to hear and read. From the very early poem "Burnished Pebbles" to her last written offering, a Thanksgiving prayer, she will open the mind and heart of even the most jaded reader. This first volume of her poetry is rich with humor, contemplation, wonder, as well as questioning and righteous anger. Her poetry is like its author: kind, strong, aware, concerned, thoughtful, beautiful to behold, but ever cognizant of the problems humankind faces.

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