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A Primer of Darksome Intent

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From a parking orbit observing Antares to the fi nal stand of a lone, battleweary Templar knight in A Cold Day, author Mark Roberts presents this primer that introduces his work in poetry and fi ction, the macabre and the supernatural.

Roberts uses a full arsenal of toolspoetry, essays, short stories, novel excerptswhich he employs with ease and augments with heart-stopping horror and straightfor-the-throat humor to communicate his personal views on philosophy, metaphysics, religion, and politics. His Wiccan influences grant him a unique license which he readily abuses for a mischievous and brazen flirtation with irreverence. In Misunderstood Roberts demonstrates just how far beyond political satire, social commentary, and leftist politics hes willing to go. I still have the treasured mementos and timeless photographs, symbols of the golden friendships of youth. And I still listen to the magicking, vociferous music that was to be our own unique timbre, the guiding soundtrack on our mission to change the world. Werent we such inspired, uninhibited bohemians? In our most shining moments, propining, benevolent, umanitarian, visionary and romanticizing. At our worst, the Lady Caroline might have referred to us as mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

Aimed at full-scale provocation, Roberts presents this eclectic collection that refl ects his Wiccan infl uences and his no-holds-barred sense of humor. A Primer of Darksome Intent is meant to be scary, funny, insightful, argumentative, and profound.

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