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Gestation: Unborn Hostage

468 pages9 hours


When Annatha Wolcott, a troubled teen with an unplanned pregnancy, is lured to the home of a sympathetic nurse, Wendy Malloy, she awakens to a nightmare from which there is no escape. The childless and desperate nurse has her own agenda for Annatha and the baby.

Gestation carries the reader through a roller coaster of emotions as Annatha struggles with carrying an unwanted child and reacts to her predicament with emotional as well as physical rebellion. Tension builds with each page as Rachel Ward, the FBI agent who is assigned the missing girls case, searches for clues in a vapor of misdirection and deceit.

When Wendys sordid plan is sabotaged by an unexpected turn, the suspense builds dramatically as the search for Annatha
becomes a gripping race against time that holds two lives in the balance.

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