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Inspirational Cues

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Inspirational Cues is a collection of poems which has been inspired by, and which captures the conversations, banter, and discussions between the author and New Yorkers, including children in their strollers. The decision to publish results from the response of readers on Blogit. com., the internet site on which nearly all of them were first introduced. It is hoped that you are as impressed as the readers are on that site.

This collection attempts to address many aspects of our lives: love, disappointments, loneliness and longing. This is My Country expresses the admiration for the opportunities afforded anyone who lives in the United States. Indeed, it was a response to the election of the 44th President of the United States. Inevitable shows our inability to thwart that unwelcome moment with which we all must contend. Not A Stranger paints the beauty and innocence of little children and what joy and ecstasy these little beings contribute to our happiness. The collection reflects the journey of our lives: from the cradle to the grave.

It is the author's first published book. The author hopes that you find it easy reading, inspiring phrasing, and that it may assist all of us to come closer together no matter who we are, no matter where we are and that we will appreciate that we are. A dossier of the fruits and animals of the country of his birth, probably a childrens playbook will follow.

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