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Just Tell the Truth: A Narrative History of Black Men Told from the Inside

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Cliff Harrington, an African American journalist and editor, grew up during a time when strong factions of proud black men were respected, admired, and loved. Even though the black men around him were not perfect, Harrington eventually grew to understand their thought processes and behaviors. In Just Tell the Truth, Harrington provides an insiders glimpse into the history of the African American men who set high standards, worked hard, and mentored a younger generation.

In a time when attending church was required, lying was prohibited, and respect for others was expected, black men knew unequivocally who they were and did not care how the worldparticularly white Americaperceived them. As Harrington narrates the fascinating history of the men who were smart enough to know they could not change the world but were determined to teach a younger generation valuable life lessons, he shares captivating insight into the daily lives of African American males who intensely believed that all who followed them would live a better life.

Just Tell the Truth shares one mans compelling observations about a time when African American men were strong and wise leaders in their homes, neighborhoods, and across the nation.

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