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Why a Refuge

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After a hospital stayed caused by a bad bull ride, Mack Thomas decides to return home. Five years of chasing rodeo was enough. Arriving home he finds an auction notice stating that his father's farm and all its contents will be sold. Entering the driveway he sees that the fields are filled with dead or dying crops. His father never lost crops this way before, and this was his second year of losses, so Mack wastes no time before trying to learn why. The farm is located next to a wildlife refuge, and all the farms and homes near that section of refuge are gone, now owned by a local bank. Mack soon learns that a large corporation has found a way to make a lot of money while destroying the refuge. As Mack digs, attempts are made on his life, women are murdered, and the life of the woman he loves is endangered. As much as all this has Mack's attention, he still struggles to understand why anyone would purposely destroy a wildlife refuge, just for money.

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