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Going to Jamaica

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Going to Jamaica is a political thriller about a lawyer, city councilman, womanizer, and generally irresponsible guy whose chance meeting with a beautiful woman in the courthouse leads to an incident that threatens his world and changes his future.

As Attorney Louis Del Corso's career advances from private practice into public politics, he unknowingly surrounds himself with dubious allies who, even as they protect his interests, lead him into a complex web of corruption. As Del Corso's career catapults him into the highest levels of state government, his past begins to catch up with him and the life he has worked so hard to build begins to unravel.

Alex Menza's Going to Jamaica explores the conflicting roles that loyalty, passion, greed, and corruption play-and the havoc they wreak-on one man's career. With decades of extensive hands-on experience in state government and local politics, Menza provides rare, unsettling, and often humorous insights into underlying political mechanisms that affect us all.

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