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Just So-Me Stories

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Just So-me Stories flirts with the hyphen in between "non" and "fiction" in chronicling the darkest moments of Matt Greenfield's young life. "The Edge Behind Me" investigates a Memorial Day weekend/breakdown in the life of an alienated young teacher and would-be rock star known only as "Mr. B" as he interacts with students, parents, the vapid bar/concert scene, and an imaginary interviewer, all while trying to dodge the mystical musical inspiration he carries inside of him. "Drug-Induced Wanderings, Hooped Up on Them Goofballs" is the brief unexpurgated account of Greenfield's subconscious as his conscious self struggles with the side effects of a narcotic cough syrup one Thanksgiving weekend. And "And Found" is the true-but-much-elaborated story of Greenfield's peripatetic cross-country odyssey during his first full summer as a teacher. While the students are away, the teachers will play in these three witty, insightful, and completely un/true explorations of the solipsistic human spirit.

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