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Vette Head's Not Dead

240 pages3 hours


In the 1980s, Jim Stillwater is a street smart, but idealistic young officer in one of the U.S. Armys most elite units. As the preparations for a mission in Japan are completed, Jim and his team find themselves being manipulated to take the mission to a new level.

Years later, instead of guns and clandestine ops, Jim and a tight group of friends feed their need for speed with a shared love of muscle cars, mainly Corvettes. Their restless adrenaline-junkie nature influences Jim and his friend to plan the retrieval of a buried transmission from a classic Corvette. To accomplish their mission, they collaborate with the former owner of the Corvettea lesbian biker.

Deep in the New Hampshire woods, the friends find themselves in a life and death struggle with a group of religious extremists and corrupt cops that have buried more than a transmission.

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