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Offshore Vegas: How the Mob <Br>Brought Revolution to Cuba

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Most people have heard of Fidel Castro, but what was Cuba like before Castro? Who was Fulgencio Batista? How did he gain control of the country and why did he need to be replaced? What created the conditions under which someone like Castro was able to gain ? and maintain the support of the people?

This book offers a surprising answer: The mob.

Inside this book, you will discover how Batista's friendship with Meyer Lansky allowed the Mafia to become dollar for dollar partners with the Cuban government in the casino hotel industry. This industry came to dominate the Cuban economy in the 1950's, and sowed the seeds of revolution.

Finally, you will learn what life was like for Cubans who lived through these times as they explain in their own words how events caused them to either flee ? or join the revolution.

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