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A Girl Named Ella

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Bel Stuart has dedicated thirty-five years of her life to the service of the federal government, and now she has decided its time to retire and explore other interests. A widow with the rest of her life ahead of her, Bel decides to try her hand at something new. So when she sees a posting for a caretaker position for a large and beautiful estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean, she cant apply quickly enough.

When she reports for her first day of duty, she is overwhelmed, almost in awe. She settles in quickly and enthusiastically with her two little dogs for company; she soon comes to realize, however, that they are not alone in the rambling, gothic mansion. She senses the presence of someonea spirit who means her no harm, and who may, in fact, actually need her help.

Young Ella lived out her short life in the home, and she lost her battle to cancer at the age of ten. Now her spirit remains, desperate for help. She reaches out to Bel, who accepts a different type of caretaking assignment to help the young girls wandering spirit. With the helpand moreof the estates gardener, Ray, she promises to do all she can to help young Ella finally find peace.

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