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Silence in the City

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Listen to the LORDs voice speaking in your soul, in
the silence of your soul. His silent
WORD, His NAME (YHWH) speaks at the heart of all sound; from His Spirit all
voice is born.

And no tongue, no noise of man, can disturb its
purity, its light. It"mso-spacerun: yes"> It lives.
He speaks-- bringing life. And
there is peace. (Not even death can
overcome Him.)

Though borne under a cross of pain, here is but
love, here wisdom shines in silence, without a"mso-spacerun: yes"> And in it we find strength; all questions
flee. For nothing touches the awe of
His Presence. Nothing speaks more
fearfully than the silence of God.

Listen, if you will, and hear His voice, wherever
you are.

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