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Pink Moon: A Menagerie of Erotic Prose

64 pages21 minutes


With the ability to seduce her readers erotic visual senses, Sarah lays out each poem to tell the story of a passionate tale of erotic prose filled with sensual energy. From the gentle flirtations in Blame not My Blushing Heart, to the playful foreplay in Why Masturbation Deserves a Standing Ovation, down to aphrodisiac vibes in Unbridled Passion, to even the harsh demands of a domineering dominatrix in Master and the passionate cries in Lucid Ignis Fatuus. Sarah penetrates deep within her psyche to titillate every erogenous zone in your mind and touching each one with the climaxing power of lovemaking. The poetry in this book is not for the sensitive eyes but for those souls who want to take a journey into eroticism, romance, lust and passion. A journey that will leave you wanting more but leaving you fulfilled. So, prepare to let your carnal desires run rampant as you read from the raw seductive power of Pink Moon.

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