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A Collection of Chaos: A Poetic Recollection of Pain, Lost Love, Apocolyptic Visions, and Authentic Communication with the Dead.

112 pages59 minutes


Christine Chaos regales many heart wrenching stories through almost lyrical poems. Here lies tales of broken hearts of both the living and the dead. Madame Chaos has come in contact with spirits who have taken their own life, and some who have taken others; soft spoken ghosts and terrorizing ghouls. She has seen and spoken with too many souls to count, but recollects here those that were so memorable; they seem the work of fiction. However, they are as real as the soul that inhabits your own being. Though she does not consider herself psychic, Madame Chaos has had many visions in dreams that in time, became a reality. Many of these dreams of destruction and lost life have already come to pass. But some of these vivid visions are often prophetic of an apocalyptic end to the world as we know it. She fears it will happen in her lifetime. Though words cannot express the terror she has seen, Christine recounts these visions in as much detail as possible. Within these pages, you will be transported through time as you hear stories of lost love and lost lives; the pain of physical abuse and withdrawal from substance abuse; physical pain and spiritual anguish. Travel with Christine to the past and the future to see the lives of those who suffer beyond the grave and find out how faith can pull you through.

Cover by: Christine Chaos Illustrations by: Scott J. Baker

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