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One Night Changed My Life

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Eighteen-year-old Pretty Jones knows her mothers words by heart: Your body is a temple. Treat it with respect. Save it for your husband. Pretty, who recently graduated from Madison High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, fully intends to heed her mothers advice.

Then, a chance meeting in a McDonalds parking lot changes Prettys life forever. A young man who calls himself Nehemiah woos the spoiled and carefree Pretty with promises of gifts and romantic dinners. She believes shes snagged a good Christian man, one who claims hes a virgin just like her.

Pretty then decides that she can survive one night of sinful pleasure without pain or consequences, and she abandons her Christian upbringing. The good man gives her a blessing that would last her as long as she lives. Pretty faces the devastating outcome of her reckless decision and turns to a forgiving God and the loving support of family and friends.

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