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Jack Hammer, Famous Detective of the Cosmos, and the Case of the Big Why

344 pages5 hours


Imagine that Matt Groening and Dashiell Hammett got together to write a book. What would it be like? Entertaining? Adventurous? Fun? All of those thingsyes, but more. Youd have a book that would be a comic detective-mystery romp through the universe. Something like Douglas Adams but more full-bodied. There would be menacing space aliens, robots, a beautiful woman in distress, flying saucers, time travel, space-conquering fascists, pirates, and, of course, Elvis. But there would also be a classic detective story with all of the usual suspects: murder, suspicion, greed, and a good old-fashioned love triangle. Plus there would be an ending with enough twists and turns to require sports-car suspension for your mind.

If this sounds good, this is the book for you. So, go grab your ray gun and your antigravity belt and climb into your favorite fedora. Cosmic conundrums are coming your way!

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