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Black Bird Medley: The Transformation of a Gangster

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Take an exciting ride as Stan Long tells the true story of a wild and outrageous life of sex, drugs, women, and high-end crime. Black Bird Medley begins with his fairly innocent childhood but digresses to a life of drug dealing on the mean streets of Washington, DC, where he grew up quickly. At the age of nine, he learned how to use a gun; by twelve he began having sexual encounters with women twice his age. This is a true tale of personal growth that is sure to motivate and inspire.

Black Bird Medley is a powerful memoir and cautionary tale written by Stan Long in order to reach out to people that may find themselves in similar situations. He has purposely exposed his life to help show all of the possibilities of change. Our youth today are lost and misguided, so he feels that by allowing his life to be a literal open book, perhaps his life endeavors will assist in the positive transformation of others. The intent of writing Black Bird Medley was not to glorify nor condone his former lifestyle: however, writing Black Bird Medley has been therapeutic to this authors transformation. He hopes his experiences can help to inspire all who are dealing with personal struggles and can inevitably find a way towards greatness.

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