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The Score Is Love All: Timely Tips for Strong Parent/Child Relations in Youth Sports

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Youth Sports: Parents and Kids Working Together
Real solutions for parents and kids who share in youth sports

Learn How To:
Raise "successful" children Deal with burnout and boredom Positive ways to express anger Motivate kids Bring about change Talk to kids so they'll listen Keep the game fun Understand your parents Develop your full capabilities

"This book, like Virgil's sermons, is full of insight and humility, from a man who started out to be a coach and ended up a pastor."
-Roy Williams, Head Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina.

"An excellent foundation for enhancing communication between parents and kids."
-Tracy Austin former No.1 World-ranked Player, two-time U.S.Open Champion, mother of three sons. "This is a must read book for parents who are striving to find healthy and constructive ways of nurturing their child's growth as an athlete."
-Dr. Allen Berger, Ph.D., Sports Counselor and Co-author of Sports Psychology for the Competitive Junior Tennis Player (Audiobook).

"This book helped me improve my mental game and gave me a much better perspective on competition in my sport."
-Jenny Roulier, Collegiate Athlete, Denver, Colo.

"I liked how Chapter 7 talked to kids about their parents. Now I understand why they get angry and I won't get so hurt or mad when they do."
-Alexander Mody, USTA Southern California Ranked Junior

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