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The Right Kind of Love

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A romance tested by circumstance and the legal system, as a newly divorced woman finds passion with another woman. A lesbian relationship triggers a violent reaction from her ex-husband that puts her job, her family, and her new lover in jeopardy.

Can the relationship withstand public scrutiny and still survive as two women learn to rely on each other for strength as they fight to protect one another against insurmountable odds.

Both women are forced to learn to trust each other in order to keep the relationship, while fighting both physical and mental stress to stay together. Old relationships will falter while new ones are forged as they struggle to deal with overwhelming events that place both women in danger.

Working within the legal system that fails to protect them, they rely on family and friends to support them as they are forced to protect themselves against an unforeseen enemy intent on making them pay for choosing to love one another.

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