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Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino: The Afterlife Series

244 pages4 hours


It has been a year since Penny Lane was murdered, and, even though she is no stranger to chaos, sometimes she is so afraid she wants to bolt the door and avoid people. In Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino, her afterlife journey continues as old fears resurface, bringing with them an entity that appears to feed off of them.

After Penny moves with her dog Rufus to a new home in the medieval era, she begins an assignment as a counselor for a newly commissioned ghost retrieval team. When Penny is teamed up with Avery, the handsome and secretive leader, and Eric, a beatnik angel, she must decide which one is telling the truth and which one is out to deceive her. Known for empathizing with spirits better than anyone, Penny counsels frightened and stubborn ghosts, witnesses their deaths, and learns more about the guardians who protect the deceased. As she ends one mission and begins another, Penny attempts to rescue lost souls and soon realizes she may solve her own murder in the process.

Ghost Retrieval and Cappuccino continues Penny Lanes intriguing investigation of the spirit world and brings to life the journeys of its many endearing characters.

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