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Into the Mirror Black

264 pages5 hours


When the great-grandmother who raised him passes away, Storm Cassavettes leaves behind the life hes made for himself in Virginia and moves back to Western Maryland to claim his inheritancewhich includes a Victorian house he never knew existed. And he slowly begins to find answers to the question of his familys past. But some things are better left unknown.

Soon after his arrival in New Mystic, he discovers an old book lodged in the wall. Its a book filled with arcane symbols, weird drawings, and what appears to be incantations. To whom did it belong and how did it get into the wall?

While Storm sleeps, a new world opens around him. A woman watches him sleep. Children play hide and seek downstairs in the dead of night. And Storm dreamsdreams of a mirror, of an ancient city in ruins, and of the same city resurrecting itself.

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