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Goodnough Dike

168 pages3 hours


This is a novel about the life of a woman, who happens to be a bit clumsy, socially awkward and manages to get herself into humorous and heart felt situations. Jess struggles with her desire for a meaningful relationship with others, while trying to discover herself.

Through her process of self discovery, she has a tendency to drink and smoke a little too much ends up with women she wishes she hadnt, and relies on her relationship with her brother Jake to see her through as her primary confidant.

Jesss family and past relationships make her sarcastic and witty. Her guardedness is to protect her heart, which wants to love if only she would let it.

A near death experience provokes thoughts about life that could lead her down a different path.

A mystery woman haunts her, showing up in the strangest places. Are they meant to be? Enter Goodnough Dike to find out. It promises to elicit feelings from each end of the spectrum and take you on an enjoyable roller coaster ride of emotion.

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