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A Journey of the Heart: Meditations for Lent

88 pages41 minutes


Lent prepares us to open our hearts to the magnificence and wonder of Christs atonement and resurrection. We bring our humanity, pockmarked as it is with sins of omission and commission, only to discover that we are Gods beloved, recipients of an undeserved but grace-filled stature too wonderful to comprehend. Nothing we do can ever make God love us more; at the same time, nothing we do can ever make God love us less. And nothing in this world or the next can ever separate us from that love.

This book offers an armchair pilgrimage, a journey of the heart. Individuals or groups who commit to spiritual growth will find this book helpful not only during Lent but at other times as well.

Prayers, scripture readings, and meditations for each weekday of Lent, are appropriate for Christians of all denominations. Propers, selected from Common Feasts and Fasts, begin with the Thursday after Ash Wednesday and end with the start of Holy Week. Sundays, traditionally a celebration of Christs resurrection, are not included.

Questions at the end of each meditation invite the reader or group to reflect, discuss, draw, or write journal responses and to receive in a new, transforming way the unending story of Gods love.

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