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In Her Mother's Footsteps

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The novel tells the tale of eighteen year old Rosie Bordoni who is left alone in the world to raise her younger sisters and brother after the untimely death of her mother. Out of necessity she takes a job as housekeeper at the Manor but does not realise exactly what her employer, Mr. Ken Harrison, has in store for her. Harrison is enthralled by her beauty and has spent his entire life in love with her mother so time and time again he leads her up the stairs of the great Manor and abuses her body. She has no choice but to concede to his wishes. She also makes the horrifying discovery that harrison is really the father of her little brother, Tommie.

It is not until Robbie Jacob comes to Dalesport that Rosie realises what true love really is. Pregnant with Harrison's child she manages to convince Robbie that it is his baby and he marries her. harrison then decides to leave her alone at last to get on with her life. However, it is not long before his old hankerings start again and this time the results of his abuse are devastating.

When Robbie discovers his wife's betrayal he leaves Dalesport and Rosie suffers a breakdown. Left in a cocoon of darkness for years on end she is completely lost to the world. it is not until a voice from the past penetrates her brain that she comes back to reality.

Can she learn to cope with a normal life and rediscover love again or will it all become too much for her? How strong is the real Rosie and how much does she depend on the love of others to help her through her ordeals?

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