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Kingdom of Weeds: An Oklahoma Prince Dreams of an All-Indian State

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In 1640, French explorer LaSalle was
astonished to find a royal Native
American kingdom northeast of New
Orleans. Moving along the social and
political wire, many of that Nachay tribe
owned plantations with both white and
black slaves by the early 1700s. One
hundred and fifty years later, Major Elias
Paix and his wife, Princess Melissa,
along with the chief of the tribe, sold their
plantations to purchase a paddle steamer
and supplies in order to establish a new
town as the capital of an all-Indian state.
Paix fought for the South alongside
Robert E. Lee, and after the war he
traveled with Chief Mather to establish
the town of Yellow Creek. A few years
later Prince Dell, son of the Major and
Melissa, sets off on the expedition at age
fourteen. He exhibits unwavering duty
to his tribe and has to cope with the
fallout from a hasty decision made in
disobedience, the loss of a beloved family
member, and white men encroaching
upon this new settlement. In fulfilling his
unique punishment, Dell embarks upon a
political career that may just facilitate
much-needed unity among the Nachay
tribe and other Indians.

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