I See Myself in Your Eyes

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I See Myself in Your Eyes

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I See Myself in Your Eyes has evolved from author Joanne De Stefanos early writings reflecting on her childhood experiences into an illustrated collection of poetry and prose that explores the entirety of her lifes experiences. At one time or another, we all consider the events of our childhood and hopefully find encouragement in what we have become as a result of it. Regardless of where we come from, we all face good times and challenging times, and we grow from those experiences. We are on a journey to be instrumental in whatsoever state we are in as we share our stories that depict both our struggles and our victories.

De Stefano has dedicated this collection to the many wonderful women who have come into our lives who share in the same struggles, joys, and victories. They have affected and influenced our lives greatly. Although she lost her mother at birth, she has had the restorative blessings of having many relatives, specifically special aunts and cousins who have cared for her beyond measure.

An endearing collection that conveys the emotional bond between women, I See Myself in Your Eyes will rekindle the memories of childhood that we all hold so near and dear.

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