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Honey the Rock Hound: A Puppy Dies a Family Mourns

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Honey The Rock Hound is about empowering kids. Once a kid has learned how to work through his or her grief following the death of a pet or loved one they're equipped to help others for the rest of their lives.

A young child will act out different parts of the story while playing. An older child will mull over the important things in their mind. Knowing the answers to the tough questions and what to do to help others will always give them an advantage.

The book is not just for kids. Many adults try and cope with unresolved grief issues. (Not just death but divorce, job loss, moving, etc.) Some going back to their childhood.

Loan the book to someone experiencing grief Later, talk with them about their pet or loved one. You may be the only one in the world that cares enough to talk with them about it. You will not only have helped them, but made a friend for life.

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