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The Kingstone Ransom

268 pages4 hours


William Church, freelance recovery specialist based in San

Francisco, tangles with
a renegade gang of cashiered soldiers while attempting to rescue

a young boy kidnapped
during a visit to Central America with his family. Church is retained

by the boys
grandfather, Henry Kingstone, a wealthy and infl uential member

of the San Francisco
establishment who supplies Church with two million dollars in

cash to use as ransom if a
rescue by other means is not successful. In going after the gang,

Church enlists the help of
his sailing buddy who happens to be an FBI agent, together with

an ex-Israeli who owns a
mixed martial arts gym frequented by Church. Th e action takes

Church on a fast-moving
ride through Central America where he and his companions

encounter all sorts of trouble
as they track down those holding the kidnapped boy. An

unexpected threat to Church
appears just as the mission reaches its most dangerous phase - a

threat brought on by the
irresistible attraction of the Kingstone Ransom. Th e book is a

sequel to the well-received
2009 novel simply entitled CHURCH which introduced this new

anti-hero to the many
fans of the action-thriller genre.

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