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Hanging on the Vine...: Waiting to Be Picked

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Do you feel like you are just handing out on a limb while the good things in life pass by? Before that branch you are attached to bends any futher,grab on to what you are lacking.
goodness,faithfulness,gentleness,and self control are the true treasures to a rich life.Come and be introduced to the meaning of each characteristic in a way that can work in your daily life.
This is the first book in the Mother In Love Series. Offered, is an interactive way of understanding God's Word from where you are at today. Relate Scriptures,stories,questions, and quiet time into your day.As you reflect and devote time to these studies, you will feel a deeper Spiritual relatinship and draw nearer to Jesus.
Wait no longer to be picked. Choose to experience blessings by taking a renewed journey. If what you desire is joy out of life; then connect with Jesus,Others,Yourself and make the change!

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